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ComponentInstantiationInjector - Class in org.wamblee.wicket.inject
Component instantiation listener that injects references into a component using the injector mini-framework.
ComponentInstantiationInjector() - Constructor for class org.wamblee.wicket.inject.ComponentInstantiationInjector
Constructs the component instantiation listener.


DetachableEntity<T> - Class in org.wamblee.wicket.model
A detachable model that wraps a domain object.
DetachableEntity(Detachable<T>) - Constructor for class org.wamblee.wicket.model.DetachableEntity
Constructs the model.


InjectionBehavior - Class in org.wamblee.wicket.inject
Injection behavior that performs dependency injection after serialization/deserialisation of the object.
InjectionBehavior(Component) - Constructor for class org.wamblee.wicket.inject.InjectionBehavior
Constructs the behavior.


load() - Method in class org.wamblee.wicket.model.DetachableEntity


onBeginRequest() - Method in class org.wamblee.wicket.transactions.OpenTransactionInViewRequestCycle
onDetach() - Method in class org.wamblee.wicket.model.DetachableEntity
onEndRequest() - Method in class org.wamblee.wicket.transactions.OpenTransactionInViewRequestCycle
onInstantiation(Component) - Method in class org.wamblee.wicket.inject.ComponentInstantiationInjector
onRuntimeException(Page, RuntimeException) - Method in class org.wamblee.wicket.transactions.OpenTransactionInViewRequestCycle
OpenTransactionInViewRequestCycle - Class in org.wamblee.wicket.transactions
This class provides an Open Transaction in View implementation for wicket.
OpenTransactionInViewRequestCycle(WebApplication, WebRequest, Response) - Constructor for class org.wamblee.wicket.transactions.OpenTransactionInViewRequestCycle
Constructs the request cycle.
org.wamblee.wicket.inject - package org.wamblee.wicket.inject
This package provided dependency injection for wicket based on the injector mini framework, see SimpleInjector
org.wamblee.wicket.model - package org.wamblee.wicket.model
org.wamblee.wicket.transactions - package org.wamblee.wicket.transactions
This package provides transaction support for wicket making it really easy to work with transactions.


setObject(T) - Method in class org.wamblee.wicket.model.DetachableEntity
C D I L O S 
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