Package org.wamblee.general

General purpose support classes.


Interface Summary
Clock Clock abstraction for System.currentTimeMillis().
LookupProxyFactory.Lookup Interface to lookup the object to delegate to.
ThreadSpecificProxyFactory.CreationCallback<T> Optional callback invoked to create the thread-specific object when there is no object yet associated with the current thread.

Class Summary
Id<T> This class provides a generic typesafe id wrapping a long value.
LookupProxyFactory<T> Proxy factory that can provide contextual references to objects retrieved through a lookup mechanism.
ObjectElem This class provided an equality operation based on the object reference of the wrapped object.
ObjectSerializationUtils Utility for serializating and deserializing objects.
Pair<T,U> Represents a pair of objects.
SerializableProxyFactory<T> Serializable proxy factory that allows to create serializable proxies to objects that are themselves not serializable.
SystemClock Default clock implementation delegating to the system clock.
ThreadSpecificProxyFactory<T> Thread-specific proxy is used to create implementations of interfaces that delegate to a thread-specific implementation of the service.
ValueHolder<T> Object that holds a value of some type.

Exception Summary
LookupProxyFactory.LookupException Exception thrown in case an object cannot be retrieved from JNDI.

Package org.wamblee.general Description

General purpose support classes.

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