12-Oct-2013: Release 0.8: Bug fixes


  • [UTILS-16] - CachedObject gets out of sync when multiple CachedObjects share the same cache
  • [UTILS-17] - CDI integration in wicket can lead to null pointer exceptions after deserialization

18-Aug-2011: Release 0.7: Bug fixes and improvements


  • [UTILS-10] - DomUtils should always perform namespace aware parsing


  • [UTILS-11] - Replace DomUtils by more object-oriented method for working with XML, Schema, and Transformations.


13-Aug-2011: Move from subversion to git

This project is now using git instead of subversion. The git URLs are:

13-Feb-2011: Release 0.6


  • [UTILS-5] - When using test/enterprise dependency: NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/collections/set/ListOrderedSet


  • [UTILS-8] - Dependency cleanup for support/general
  • [UTILS-9] - JavaSE CDI project


  • [UTILS-2] - Add wicket behavior to preselect text in forms
  • [UTILS-3] - Confirmation behavior
  • [UTILS-4] - Tooltip behavior

19-July-2010: Release 0.3

Version 0.3 is released. This includes the new libraries support/inject, support/cdi for depenency injection with one implementation based on CDI. Also it includes wicket/joe, providing Open Transaction in View and Java EE dependency injection for Wicket.

18-July-2010: Wicket/Joe

One new library has been added it is about Java EE plumbing for wicket: hence the name "Joe" (the Plumber). Currently it supports Open Transaction in View (also known as Open Session in View) and supports Java EE dependency injection through the cdi support that was added before.

15-July-2010: CDI support

Two new libraries have been added. One library support/inject which abstract from a general dependency injection framework and another support/cdi, built on top of that, which makes it really easy and efficient to do dependency injection using Contexts and Dependency Injection (JSR-299).

12-July-2010: New logo and restyling

The last weeks a lot of restyling has been done on the site and it got a new logo. It is Duke flying on a (Java) component. This image was created using the opensource blender 3-D rendering software. For more information see this post and earlier posts for more details.

21-June-2010: Work on the site

There has been a lot of work on the site now to get a consistent and non-standard look and feel and to provide a much better presentation of the utilities library. Also, a mailing list has been created for the utilities library. Work is still in progress and there is still a lot to be done.

12-May-2010: Version 0.2.4 released

Because of restrictions of the central maven repo the JPA test support extensions for Hibernate 3.5.0 and Eclipse link (both JPA 2.0) could not be released. Separation of the test code from the production code for these extensions did the trick and allowed removal of repository settings from the poms so publication on the maven central repo is now possible.

14-April-2010: Version 0.2.1 released

The first version of the utilities library to be published on the central maven repo.