Class JQueryHeaderContributor

  extended by org.apache.wicket.behavior.AbstractBehavior
      extended by org.apache.wicket.behavior.AbstractHeaderContributor
          extended by org.apache.wicket.behavior.HeaderContributor
              extended by org.wamblee.wicket.jquery.JQueryHeaderContributor
All Implemented Interfaces:, org.apache.wicket.behavior.IBehavior, org.apache.wicket.IClusterable, org.apache.wicket.markup.html.IHeaderContributor

public class JQueryHeaderContributor
extends org.apache.wicket.behavior.HeaderContributor

JQuery header contribution that adds the jquery javascript and sets jQuery to no-conflict mode so the $ identifier is freed. Also, it checks the current configuration and uses the development mode jQuery library when run in development mode and used the minimalized jQuery code when running in deployment mode.

Erik Brakkee
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Constructor Summary
          Constructs the behavior.
Method Summary
static void clear()
          Resets the cached value of the header contribution.
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Constructor Detail


public JQueryHeaderContributor()
Constructs the behavior.

Method Detail


public static void clear()
Resets the cached value of the header contribution. Used typically for test only.

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