/support/general 0.9-SNAPSHOT API

org.wamblee.cache This package provides an interface for a cache together with several implementations.
org.wamblee.classloading Various classloading utilities.
org.wamblee.collections Collection utilities.
org.wamblee.concurrency This package provides utilities for dealing with concurrency.
org.wamblee.conditions This package provides some basic support classes for checking boolean conditions on objects.
org.wamblee.general General purpose support classes.
org.wamblee.io This package provides several support utilities for IO related functionality.
org.wamblee.ioc Several utilities for abstracting the IOC container which is used.
org.wamblee.observer Support for the observer pattern.
org.wamblee.persistence Utilities for (JPA) persistence.
org.wamblee.reflection Utilities for reflection.
org.wamblee.xml Utilities for XML processing.


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