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Packages that use User This package provides support for managing users and their authentication.   

Uses of User in

Methods in that return User
 User UserSet.createUser(java.lang.String aUsername, java.lang.String aPassword)
          Creates a user.
 User AbstractUserSet.createUser(java.lang.String aUsername, java.lang.String aPassword)
 User InMemoryUserSet.find(java.lang.String aName)
 User UserSet.find(java.lang.String aName)
          Finds user.
 User UserMgtException.getUser()
          Gets the user for which the problem occurred.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type User
 java.util.Set<User> InMemoryUserSet.list()
 java.util.Set<User> UserSet.list()
          Lists the current users.
 java.util.Set<User> InMemoryUserSet.list(Group aGroup)
 java.util.Set<User> UserSet.list(Group aGroup)
          Lists the users belonging to a particular group.

Methods in with parameters of type User
 boolean InMemoryUserSet.add(User aUser)
 boolean UserSet.add(User aUser)
          Adds a user.
 boolean InMemoryUserSet.contains(User aUser)
 boolean UserSet.contains(User aUser)
          Checks if a user exists.
 boolean InMemoryUserSet.remove(User aUser)
 boolean UserSet.remove(User aUser)
          Removes a user.
protected  void AbstractUserSet.setPasswordInfo(User aUser)
          Sets the password validtor and encoder in the user.
 void InMemoryUserSet.userModified(User aUser)
 void UserSet.userModified(User aUser)
          Must be called whenever a user object has been modified to notify the user set.

Constructors in with parameters of type User
User(User aUser)
          Creates a new User object.
UserMgtException(UserMgtException.Reason aCause, User aUser)
          Creates a new UserMgtException object.
UserMgtException(UserMgtException.Reason aCause, User aUser, Group aGroup)
          Creates a new UserMgtException object.

Uses of User in

Methods in that return User
 User JpaUserSet.find(java.lang.String aName)

Methods in that return types with arguments of type User
 java.util.Set<User> JpaUserSet.list()
 java.util.Set<User> JpaUserSet.list(Group aGroup)

Methods in with parameters of type User
 boolean JpaUserSet.add(User aUser)
 boolean JpaUserSet.contains(User aUser)
 boolean JpaUserSet.remove(User aUser)
 void JpaUserSet.userModified(User aUser)

Constructor parameters in with type arguments of type User
JpaUserSet(org.wamblee.cache.Cache<java.lang.String,User> aCache, NameValidator aPasswordValidator, MessageDigester aPasswordEncoder, javax.persistence.EntityManager aEntityManager)
          Constructs a user set backed by the database.

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