Class PreselectionBehavior

  extended by org.wamblee.wicket.behavior.CompositeBehavior
      extended by org.wamblee.wicket.jquery.AbstractJQueryBehavior
          extended by org.wamblee.wicket.behavior.PreselectionBehavior
All Implemented Interfaces:, org.apache.wicket.behavior.IBehavior, org.apache.wicket.IClusterable, org.apache.wicket.markup.html.IHeaderContributor

public class PreselectionBehavior
extends AbstractJQueryBehavior

Preselection behavior that preselects unaltered text in forms. When applied to a certain component, the behavior is valid for all children of the component. Therefore, it is possible to attach this behavior to any component, well as to a form or even individual fields in a form. It is also possible to apply this behavior to a page. The behavior applies to text input fields and textareas. Upon focus, the text in the field is selected if it it still identical to the default value.

Erik Brakkee
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Constructor Detail


public PreselectionBehavior()

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